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ahh! the maine is like, the best emo-pop band ever to be featured in AP magazine! (i have their ads framed on my closet door. They are REALLY REALLY REALLY good. plus, theyre adorable! how can you not love adoralbe lil anorexic gangsta scene indie pop bois?! theyre amazing beyond beleif, and if you havent heard them, go to itunes, buy the E.P ! its called "the way we talk" AND for you more ghetto-lovin rap dudes, they do a cover of akon's "i wanna love you." which, if i may add, is WAYAAYAYWYYAYAYAAYY better than the original. :D
if you like:
all time low
mayday parade
cobra starship
we the kings
you will love them <3
brandi: omg guys, doesnt this just SCREAM 'cute is what we aim for immitation?' *holds up the maine's ad*
briana: yeah, it does, but hey theyre cute.
brandi: deffinately. im so getting their EP today when i get home *grins dorkily*
brandi: omg,t he maines cd is freaking amazing, i love it. i went home and made like 200 copies to pass out to kids on the street <3
briana: you know thats illegal, right?
brandi: yeah, but i dont care because, TEH MAINE WILL BLOW YA SOCKS OFF FOOL!
listen to em.
by wasabiiii January 20, 2008

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