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I think that it's sad, the way that people react nowadays to the Beatles. They were truly revolutionary, and few people seem to realize this. Abbey Road is my favorite album of all time. I haven't had this beaten into me. I found it out for myself. The Beatles rock.
They say they're dying in order of talent. Heh...Ringo will live forever! Just kidding.

It's been long enough, John. Why haven't you come back yet?
by warped columbia February 21, 2004
She's hot. She's so hot that if I were a lesbian I would make sweet, sweet love to her.
Scarlett Johannson turned me on greatly in Ghost World.
by warped columbia February 21, 2004
An extrodinarily sexy transvestite from the film, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Dr. Frank N. Furter gets me all hot and bothered.
by warped columbia February 21, 2004
The best and sparkliest character from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Columbia likes to dance the Time Warp and expose her breasts.
by warped columbia February 21, 2004
The most awesome band EV-AR! Consisting of Steven Page, Ed Robertson, Jim Creeggan, Tyler Stewart, and Kevin Hearn. They are utterly awesome producers of music and if you have not heard anything of theirs other then "One Week" then you are SERIOUSLY missing out. They actually have quite a few albums, all of which are fantastic. I love them obsessively.
Barenaked Ladies concerts are my favorite place to be. Macaroni. Yum.
by warped columbia February 21, 2004
short for kitsune, which is a type of japanese fox demon. but kitsy is the name of one of my best friends, who is NOT wapanese.
I love Kitsy because she's a pyscho.
by warped columbia February 21, 2004
One who began enjoying Barenaked Ladies' music only after buying their fifth album, Stunt.
Bob is a major stunty. At the concert we attended last week he didn't know half of the songs.
by warped columbia February 21, 2004

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