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Yiddish term for "ass". Used in both a degrogatory or non-derogatory frame of mind. Has been adooted by the "masses" as a common place term to describe that someone (usually a male) is acting like an "ass".
That man is such a tucus!
He fell off the bike and hit his tucus.
by warnerdang May 27, 2004
From the syndicated Fox Primetime Cartoon "The Simpsons".

Used by the character Jimbo Jones in a derogatory fashion at the character Mayor Quimby.
Mayor Quimby: "I don't need to listen to you."
Jimbo Jones: "Then prove it, assbut!"
by warnerdang June 08, 2004
Name of the ancient Jebusite city conquered by the Hebrew king David more than 3000 years ago. He occupied the fortress of Zion and the city was renamed Jerusalem.

Today it is home to three of the worlds major religions and is the seat of the
Israeli capital. It is a city at the centre of international political and social intrigue.
Jebus is a Biblical name of the city now known as Jerusalem
by warnerdang May 27, 2004
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