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A plant that when smoked (or consumed in other various ways) causes a euphoric state that difers depending on the weed smoked, the method it was smoked in, your tolerance, and your current mood. The only reasons weed is illegal is because you can make virtually anything out of hemp. But I say why make jeans that feel like shit out of pot, when you can smoke it! Weed is proven to be less dangerous than cigarettes and alcohol, or any other mind altering substance for that matter. With no proven deaths and no real consequences, weed is safer than fucking water.
I'm a recovering alcoholic and at six-months sober I got high for the first time before school... I aced a math test that day. In my freshan year (I still drank) I had 5 F's and a D, in my sophmore year (moved on to weed) I maintain a B+ average and a better home life. Right now the only thing dangerous about weed is if you get caught with it... unless your like me and have good friends in the pig-force.

~~420 EVERY DAY~~
by wannacheechabowlwithme January 15, 2007

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