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An MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) created by Jagex Ltd, a game developing team who doesn't give a shit about their players, pursues their own greedy wants, and believes their players are all incapable of thinking. This game has become overrun by annoying brats and little kids. There are two versions: P2P (Pay to play) and F2P (Free to play). With P2P you get more of everything. This used to be a great game back before 2007, but since then it has gone downhill due to the ridiculous changes made by Mod MMG, the chief developer. I advise you to not play this game. You may get addicted, and in the end you'll find yourself hating Jagex and/or Runescape and being bored of the game because they changed or completely got rid of something you loved, and you'll have wasted all that time.
Older players:
Player 1: "Dude, Runescape sucks now."
Player 2: "I know, that's why I quit yesterday. I can't believe I wasted all that time on it though."

Younger kids, new players:
Child 1: "Oh coolz this game iz so fun!"
Child 2: "I know, let's ask our mommies to make us members!"
by wannabehacker October 31, 2010

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