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(Noun)1. A Thundercunt over-flowing with duckbutter and in need of felching. 2. A haneous whore who has been with so many men having sex with her is commonly compared to throwing a hot dog down the hallway. 3. Home of the Cock Goblin.
Doug is such a festering Ass Clown, that we didn't warn him about her death vagina.
by Wankers against Ass Clowns March 18, 2009
noun- 1.someone who can look you in the eye and smile while telling you your a piece of shit. 2.your boss
that death vagina of a boss was such a grin fucker when she spewed her felching lies that I was inspired to jump off the closest tallest building.
by wankers against ass clowns March 19, 2009

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