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A deliciously nubile vagina. Pure and fresh as the Canadian Rockies and warm and soothing like Harrison Hot Springs....as wet as a Great Lake, yet tight like Welland Canal. Scented like the Hatley Park Rose Gardens, it gives off an intoxicating aroma....with just a hint of maple. Well trimmed golden sheaves remniscent of prarie wheat, truly a splendour to behold. Best to be enjoyed during the summer months.
Hoser A: Let's head down to the pub and see if we can get some Canadian History....

Hoser B: That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard it called......but to hell with it, I do likes the beaver....let's roll....
#the beaver #beav #beavarino #torte #maple cookie
by wangstank February 05, 2010
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