24 definitions by wang

See also: poop shoot.
by wang March 19, 2003
When a begger needs food and results to eating table scraps.
Rich guy:im hungry lets grab a burger.
Poor Begger:no thanks its to much i'll take some table scraps though.
by Wang November 05, 2003
Take a leek. pee...drain the lizzard
well im off to go tap a well
by wang March 24, 2004
slippery, greasy, or wet
dawg, that fool's hands are all klammy!
by wang June 30, 2003
butt hair, anal pubes
The two guys shot eachother over who had the most quibleys
by Wang January 26, 2005
Some fat kid who wears glasses.
Go on to Yahoo IM and type 8-) that's dizee.
by wang March 14, 2003
GsM loves t3h c0ck
mmmmm cock, right GsM? XD
by wang September 26, 2003

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