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The game series created by Rand and Robyn Miller and their small company Cyan (now Cyanworlds) in 1993. Myst is a graphical, point and click adventure game. The story revolves around a man name Atrus and his family, and around the fictional society of D'ni. The D'ni had the power to create links to other worlds through special books, called linking books. The Myst series was, at it's time phenominal in sales and in graphical quality. The series is comprised of the games Myst, Riven, Exile, Revelation, URU and URU's expansion packs To D'ni and The Path of the Shell. There is also an upcoming Myst game, to be released in 2005 entitled The End of Ages.

Myst once held the record for the most copies of a game sold, only to be surpassed thus far by The Sims.
Myst is one of the best selling games of all time!
by wandering_nomad February 07, 2005
From the TV show Dr. Who, a Dalek is a species created by the mad scientist Davros. They are a speices combined from the Dalls and The Callids. The organisms look like a ball of green mishapen putty. But Daleks are very rarely found outside of their protective suits, which allow them mobility and firepower. The most common form of Dalek weaponry is a form of beam weapon, which is so intense that it scrambles the insides of any organisms it is fired at. Daleks are not a very intellegent speicies it seems, but their strength is in numbers and firepower. Davros himself encased himself inside of an armoured suit, to become a Dalek. It was his idea of perfection.
Doctor! Look out for those Daleks!
by wandering_nomad April 11, 2004
The Dial Home Device which is used to operate The Stargate
The Stargate uses a DHD to dial other worlds.
by wandering_nomad April 10, 2004
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