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n. 1. a town comprised of the externally beautiful; usually in stark constrast to its adjacent city, town, village or island.

v. 2. to escape, in mind and body, from your current state of affairs to a land many thought only existed in or around heaven.
someday i will make enough money to live amongst the beautiful people of Bellevue.

I bellevue to Bellevue frequently.
by wandasiewicz December 15, 2003
1. stop
2. do not enter
3. stay of median
4. no outlet
5. dead end
6. welome to north dakota
signs of sexual frustration are somewhat frustrating
by wandasiewicz December 18, 2003
1. gym / fitnes center user that sweats excessively from the posterior of their shorts to the point where it resembles the locale of a post-waterballoon fight.
Jeff's waterballoon-pantaloons were so extreme i was waiting for a raft full of Haitians to fall out of his shorts.
by wandasiewicz December 15, 2003
n. 1. one who lacks impluse control during the process of on-line rating; usually a parent of an underage nightclub dj. also see: propoganda.
The anticiparator was distracted by the flashy graphics of the web site leading him to improperly cast his vote.
by wandasiewicz December 15, 2003
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