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2 definitions by waltzy

An extreme and new dance move to take all club dance floors around the world by storm. it originated on a black dance floor in the southern hemisphere. When performed, the dance move looks like that of a prawn swimming skywards. If preformed repeatedly it has been known to leave prawn tracks on the dance floor. Only black prawn masters are able to perform the true and original prawn manouver!
Whoa dude, u see that krumpa pump out a perfect black prawn on the dance floor??
by waltzy June 02, 2007
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Prawn tracks are created on a nite club dance floor by a large group of dancers, who are performing the dance move black prawn. Usually left behind at the end of the night when the club closes its doors.
Man those dancers left some nasty prawn tracks behind!!
by waltzy June 02, 2007
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