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3 definitions by walmer

a kick-ass alien soldier in halo who can kill u with anything! i swear 2 of them could take u out in about 5 seconds!!! u ever run into one run as fast as u can and dont shoot! ull never break throught their armour ever!!! they r the kick-ass soldiers of halo!
woah!!!! over there that grunt!!!! runnnnnnnnnn everybody evacuate the planet were all gonna die!!!!!! run for ur lives!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh....
by walmer April 18, 2005
some kick-ass soldier of an awsome game which is awsome and yeah ummm... i like penguins! and he is a kick-asser of super assers in the fucked up galaxy we like in! Masterchief rox but his lesbo pal named cortona is well a lesbo and sucks other lesbos boobs.
master chief what a sexy beast of a soldier!
by walmer April 18, 2005
a faggot guy wearing a green costume. Everything is fake and all u losers out there obsesed with the game just face it, hes a faggot! he has a girlfriend who isnt even real, named cortana, who lives in his head! He's a fag.
Hey did u just see the pictures of the Master chief i took with him having sex with cortana?!?!?!?!
by walmer March 07, 2005