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A cute young man (usually under 25 but there are exceptions) who possesses all the qualities most desired by a cougar in a mate, youth and a certain naivete about women, being the most important. He is the sort of guy who walks into a bar with his buddies and immediately has all the cougars buying him drinks and trying to pick him up. He does not go out looking for cougars in bars (he is trying to impress some girl next door he knows from his philosophy class) but for some reason always ends up with one. His buddies probably find this very amusing.
With his boyish good looks and innocent charm Johnny was walking cougarbait at the local bar.
by walmart is the antichrist March 01, 2007
Remember back in highschool or even summer camp there was always at least one kid who wore the same clothes and never showered? This term is often used to describe one's self in a self-deprecating manner but you could also use it to describe an actual dirty kid, someone who wears the same clothes for several days or showers infrequently.
I haven't washed my hair in a week, I feel like such a dirty kid!
by walmart is the antichrist March 01, 2007
An insulting way to describe a rustic farm person who lives in a small town and has old fashioned small town ways.
It is a combination of the words "country" (they live the down home country lifestyle of listening to unhealthy amounts of country music and knowing Jesus) and "fried" (their preferred way of cooking food ie: fried chicken, chicken fried steak, etc) Usually these people abhor large cities (for their "high falutin' ways)any kind of music that doesn't have a fiddle or a steel guitar in it and foreigners. (why can't they speak english like normal folk?) A countrifried person would probably refer to themselves using the less insulting "countrified"
The small southern town was populated mostly by slow witted countrifried red necks.
by walmart is the antichrist March 01, 2007

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