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Strong Weed. Ridiculously strong. Usually grown outdoors. It is a guaranteed fucking-up. This is the kind of weed that leaves you sitting there giggling for twenty minutes, your legs numb, your mind completely bricked, and your hands so twitchy you keep spilling the bongwater all over the floor.

It is not advisable to drive while ripped to such a degree. Or go to work. You will be pegged very quickly as being quite high. You'll probably be looked at suspiciously from then on.

In fact, it's best to just stay at home and lay about all day, lest you giggle too hard and shit yourself in a supermarket.

Where Jesus peed, this is what grew out of the ground.
#1:"What's up with you man? You're giggling like that weird motherfucker from Alice-In-Fucking-Wonderland."
#2:"F-f-f-f-fuck if I know. Strong shit. Real strong. F-f-f-uck man. Everything man. Everything. Holy shit. It's Everything man."
#1:"Wha-? You're tripping. Hard. You better not go to work."
#2: -giggles hysterically-
#1:"I think it's time you lay off the skunk there, champ. You can't even fucking talk right man. "
by walked August 27, 2008

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