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a given name, variant of Walter, whose original meaning is "general", or literally "army ruler". Derived from the Germanic "wald" (rule) + "heri", "hari" (army).
Sup Waldir?
by waldyrious February 10, 2010
A fishbowl party occurs when a bunch of kids raid their parents' medicine chest of prescription medications before bringing them to a party where they are combined in a fishbowl. The wanna-be druggies then ingest handfuls of the pills.
If you have been invited to a fishbowl party, call in sick.
by waldyrious June 24, 2010
Slang for "soldier", figuratively speaking. A soul survivor. Same as soulja.
Is you da man?
Do you pay all of your bills?
Did you make a plan?
And won't stop 'till it fulfilled?
Then you a SOLJA nigga, put up a solja rag!!!

(Juvenile in "Solja Rag")
by Waldyrious November 16, 2007
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