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Used primarily by skate and snowboarders to describe the performing of 1 1/2 full rotations, ususally while airborne.
So named because the subject has rotated 540 degrees.
Man, that was a sick 540!
by wacky_d January 13, 2006
To perform an act in an opposite manner to that in which you would normally perform it.
Originally used in skate and snowboarding parlance, but now adopted into wider slang usage.

Can also refer to partaking in anal sex with a female.
Orig. - Man, that was sick when you landed that 540 and rode it switch!
Now - I normally sit on the left side of the couch, but I thought I'd go switch,
Vulg. - Debbie was on her rag so I rode her switch instead.
by wacky_d January 13, 2006
Abbreviation for Moustache
1 - Hey, man, I'll bet the chicks love your mo'
2 - Pedro in Napoleon Dynamite had a cool mo'
by wacky_d January 13, 2006

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