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A good but not great movie. People who don't know anything about movies think its one of the greatest movies of all time. It has cool parts and its better than average, but there are about a billion better movies. I would rather kill myself than watch this again and Ive watched it about 3 times. If you think this is the greatest movie ever it just means you dont pay attention to certain aspects of movie direction and you are not quite a film buff. its ok though, because being a true film buff prevents you from enjoying 99% of movies. but just because you fantasize about enforcing justice yourself with guns does not mean the movie is good. you might as well say transformers is good because you fantasize about having big robot friends. just because you like the concept doesnt mean the actual movie is good
Boondock saints is so sick
yes its ok
Dude the boondock saints is the greatest movie ever
lol, no
by waaaat November 11, 2011

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