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5 definitions by vox monitor


Woperchild is the politically correct way to say woman.

The reasoning is as follows:

Wo-"man" is not ok because it has man in it. So you say, "wo-person." But you can't say per-"son" because son is too male dominant. So you say per-child.

Hence, woperchild. Guaranteed not to offend even lesbian per-children of color.
Some of my woperchildren friends were helping me last night to feel shame about the fact that I am a heterosexual white male devil.
by vox monitor July 07, 2005
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Gongongahaffa (guhn-guhn-gah-haf-fah):

"You are going to have to".

Gongongahaffa is almost always followed by a verb/noun pair. This v/n pair will often exhibit the same compressed quality that Gongongahaffa exhibits. The single most popular gongongahaffa expression is: Gongonahaffa-eepoo or "You are going to have to eat poo," which is used to convey "You're fucked now!" to someone who has gotten themselves into a bad situation:

Ooooh! You shouldn't have done that. Now gongongahaffa-eepoo.

There is sometimes confusion about why this word is not "gongahaffa" which might seem to make more sense. The answer lies in the word's origins. The word comes from a song by a musical artist named "mr strauss":

"You're gongongahaffa eat poo, yeah that's what you're gongahaffa do, yeah now gongongahaffa, yeah now gongongahaffa, yeah now gongongahaffa eat poo."

Note that the short form, "gongahaffa" does occur once in the song. This short form, however, is considered deprecated. It is no longer in common use.

Gongongahaffa, in some communities, can be preceeded with "You're." Despite the obvious redundancy of doing so, it is considered technically correct, albeit a little strange, to do so.
(You're) gongongahaffa eepoo (eat poo).
by vox monitor July 04, 2005
2 6
Rill is equivalent in meaning to Rillo.

Both mean: A cigarette.

Rill is a derivation of the word "cigarillo," which is a stylized way of saying, "cigarette."
Yo, let me bum a rill off you, yeah?


Where the fuck did I put my rills? (while patting one's pockets.)
by vox monitor July 04, 2005
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While rillo can mean the specific, blunt-like variety of tobacco product, the word is more frequently used to mean simply "cigarette". See Rill.
Man, that was a long movie, I need a rillo bad.
by vox monitor July 04, 2005
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gina - pronounced Jy-na -

short for vagina. Used to refer to a woman genitalia.
Hey woman! Get that gina over here!
by vox monitor July 07, 2005
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