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Vore is a sexual fetish or fantasy that involves a person being swallowed or swallowing somebody else. A person who likes vore is called a voraphile. The person may fantasize about being swallowed by a large animal such as a snake, whale or shark. They may also fantasize about being shrunk and swallowed (microphilia) or swallowed by a giant (macrophilia). Same size vore may apply where they swallow/are swallowed by a life size person. The most common type of vore is soft vore where the candidate is swallowed alive and whole, and kept in the stomach and may or may not include digestion. Vore images often depict a large, swollen stomach and sounds indicating somebody is inside. The other type of vore is hard vore, which is more like cannibalism and is rarer. Vore is impossible to perform with humans, but could be possible with very large animals that are capable of swallowing a human alive. Vore is widespread on the internet including Youtube, Deviant Art and other vore related websites that take the form of videos, pictures, storied and role playing.
Boy 1 - Wouldn't it be cool to be swallowed alive by a whale?
Boy 2 - Yeah! I never knew you liked vore?
Boy 1 - I love vore! Wanna look at some vore pictures on the internet?
Boy 2 - Sure, and we could draw a vore comic strip too.
by voraphile February 18, 2012

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