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A place for a crabby person to sit and be crabby.

See also: crabapple
I'd stay away from her today...she is in her crabapple tree.
by vodka martini November 11, 2005
A person who is crabby.

Adjective form: snitty

See also: crabapple crabapple tree

Don't go to the movies with James today, because he is being a snit.


James told me he doesn't like my dress today, but I think he was just being snitty.
by vodka martini November 11, 2005

The amount of TV programming saved to a Tivo or Digital Video Recorder when the pause button is used--not to be confused with recorded TV programming which is saved on the Tivo or DVR indefinently. Equity only lasts up until the channel is changed or is 'spent' fast forwarding through commercials.

tivo dvr
I paused the TV 10 minutes ago and now I have enough equity so I probably won't have to sit through any commercials while I watch my favorite show. I can just fast forward right through them using my 10 minutes of equity.
by vodka martini November 04, 2005

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