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Abbreviation for "too many to mention." Used mostly in text messages, instant messages, emails or any form of electronic communication devices.
Excerpt taken from an annoying personal questionaire people post in a networking website bulletin:

How many pets do you have:
9 i thnk.. zoe, goldie, puffy, nemo my pet fishes, sasha my labradoodle, felix and mr. periwinkle my 2 felines

Are you a top or a bottom:
m a top duh! but dnt tell my bf, hes gonna be soo pissed

What is your favorite music:
omg uhhhh omg omg tmtm!!!!!!

What is your favorite movie:
notebook, twilight, new moon, and titanic, oh and hsm 1, 2 and 3.. and omg tmtm!!!
by vladdrinker December 29, 2009

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