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an offensive alter the the uncommon name "morgan". morgay implies the african american child is queer and is willing to bend over hence morGAY.
oi morgay, why so gay?
by vivalajack February 24, 2009
another offensive spelling for the name "Morgan" which implies that morgan is gay hence morGAY
hey morgay, what you been up to?
by vivalajack February 24, 2009
sneak poonge(verb);

sneak poonging(adjective);

To give, take, or put in a quiet, stealthy manner: sneak ones genitalia into one's mouth. (not limited to oral placement).

A game that can be played between two or more people of the opposite and/or same sex.

Although sneak poonging of the same sex can be equally fun it is frowned upon in most cultures.
Dean crept stealthily in the shadows of the night to share his most precious of gifts with his chum Jack, quietly kneeling toward jack's face he set his member gracefully into his mouth with out making so much as a peep.

You've just been sneak poonged.
by vivalajack February 25, 2009
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