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Styling substance with the purpose of extreme douche spikes with hair
Susan has to wear an eye patch because that guy used to much douche gel and poked her eye out.
by vingratis March 21, 2009
Only 10% of doucheness can be seen but you know there is 90% more beneath the surface.
That guy was cool but turned out to be a real iceberg douche once you get to know him.
by vingratis March 18, 2009
Douche of Greek origin. Signs include a slicked back mullet type hair, gold chains, a constipated face and chest hair combed out. They generally can be found owning a breakfast diner that has "Athenian Chicken" on an otherwise generically American menu.
Yanni was a true Douchekopoulos because there were daily complaints from customers about chest hair in their feta omelet.
by vingratis March 24, 2009
Douche of Italian origin, generally traveling in packs, telltale signs include shiny shirts, unabrows, excessive Pellegrino consumption, and still thinks the Fonz is the coolest impression. Yelling incoherent strings of Italian words learned from Sopranos or Godfellas are common.
The Doucherelli had bladder pains from too much Pellegrino and screamed "ah morone fugazi!"
by vingratis March 24, 2009
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