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A very hot sexy American-French chick. She's flirty and loves to dance. Her best features are her sense of humor - wicked and rapier-sharp - and her very fine ass.
I wish I could be Jean-Marie.

Man, I never should have dumped Jean-Marie. She was the love of my life.
by vindude May 23, 2011
Pronounced sexual preference for persons of Asian ethnicity. All other humans are considered unworthy of potential romantic/sexual consideration.
Hong Kong is rampant with Western men happily immersed in their Asian fixation.

If I had known she had an Asian fixation I wouldn't have bothered to buy her a drink.
by vindude May 23, 2011
A person who is a vigorous supporter of environmental causes who insists on extracting details of meals consumed in his/her absence, wherein there is a suspicion that those who ate the meal dined on an endangered species.
Wei: "Hey! I heard you went to that new restaurant last night. How was it?"

Kei: "Let me tell you about it later. Ferris is listening and he's such a sharkfin snoop that I'm sure he'd go ballistic if I told you everything about our meal."
by vindude July 16, 2011
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