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An open-source kernel, referred as GNU/Linux. Criticised by Windows/Mac users because of it's moderate difficulty of use. Let's hope it's community will continue to be populated by people who have some brain.
Windows fan: Look at my laptop, it's so cool!
Mac fan: Ha! look at mine! (fiddles with GUI)
Windows fan: Yours is shit asdasdasdasdsadasd fuk off
Linux fan: (compiz cube)
Mac fan: HOLY
Windows fan: SHIT
by vilos April 05, 2010
The first virus ever to have a formal appearance and a multimillion company.
Man, who would think a shitload of programmers would need 10GB for a virus? Script kiddies are better than them!

Millions of viruses designed to work on top of the Windows virus! That's neat!
by vilos April 05, 2010

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