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a slang term for residents of villas, new jersey. a notoriously tough seaside town on the southern most tip. just north of cape may. also know as "kensington by the sea"
1.on any given saturday night you'll see atleast twenty villas rats hanging at 7-11.

2."dude i locked my keys in the car!" "charles can get in...he's a villas rat"

3.Q:what kind of rats steal bicycles? A:villas rats!
by villasrat April 26, 2009
a title given to girls that only sleep with cops.usually because said girl has no father figure and/or no older brother who could inform her that all cops are dickless fags.
dude that chick is kinda hot...its a shame she's a copsucker.

drunk cop: dude, ill get way more pussy than you because of this badge.

drunk cops friend: that's because this town is filled with copsuckers

by villasrat March 10, 2009
martin brody is the hero in the jaws movies:
when your about to cum on your girls face..get dead serious...look her square in the eye and say "smile you son of a bitch"
sick of the superman?...sick of the roosevelt?...martin brody that ho!
by villasrat September 01, 2008

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