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An entertaining if somewhat tacky and cliché-ridden biopic about the life and death of Christopher Wallace, better known as Biggie Smalls, Notorious BIG or Big Poppa. It's the kind of movie that was supposed to be monumental but slightly missed its mark; however, despite that fact, everyone who has ever been influenced by Biggie should see it for the sake of seeing it. And it's a pretty decent date movie too. A big goof to note is the fact that a C6 Corvette was displayed in what was supposed to be 1993, although C6 production did not begin until 2006. Oops, guess whoever was producing doesn't know cars!
Man, did you see that Notorious shit? They showed a C6 Corvette in '93! You just can't do that! But that aside, I respect the filmmakers. They managed to portray the life and times of Biggie Smalls fairly well.
by very_white January 17, 2009

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