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When somebody goes to the dentist and he pulls a tooth without anesthetic, the person is said to be unpremedicated.

Being unpremedicated applies to a number of other things than those that involve pain.

Somebody who is pulled over for suspected DUI but who is stone cold sober is unpremedicated.
Likewise, somebody who drinks a lot of vinegar to avoid having a drug test show positive for cannabis is attempting to be unpremedicated.
Sam the Sham: Hey, man, we're all partyin strong! Why so sad?
Dave the driver: I am the unpremedicated designated.
Sam the Sham: Oh, man, that sucks. Wanna sandwich?
Dave the driver: Get me another iced tea, bubba.
by verbus accidentibus August 14, 2010
No, a designer woman is not a woman who happens to be a designer.

A designer woman is a woman who is so apparently perfect that she seems tgtbt and, if she was a real woman, could very well be tgtbt.

To describe a designer woman would be to run down a list of specifications drafted by lovers of women.

The only true designer woman that exists is a virtual woman, one that only exists in an unreal world.
These include six, jessica rabbit, and, oddly enough, turanga leela.
Little Dickie: It doesn't matter what she looks like or what kind of character she has, there is always something wrong. Either she farts or eats boogers.

Doghorn Sexhorn: What you need, my boy, is a designer woman
by verbus accidentibus August 13, 2010

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