12 definitions by vee

1. n a person (predominately male) involved in sports; an athlete

2. v to like; showing affection towards another
"Look at that white jock with the white cheerleader. How cute."

"Damn, hella guys were jocking her at the mall the other day!"

or, put both together to say:

"That jock, a member of the football team, was trying to jock this girl he had no chance whatsover with."
by Vee April 21, 2004
an individual who is annoying or irritating.
there's this like, girl, who like, constantly, like, talks like this, and like, i think that like, she's really a zimboc sometimes.
by vee May 14, 2003
is spelt wrong. it is vive l'amour
VIVLAMORE! you're stupid. you don't know how to spell.
by vee December 20, 2004
a term used when one is in a state of social akwardness and is asking for assistance.
*hairy man sits next to you *
(to friend) "pasta"
(friend) "oh yeah i forgot you have that thing to do and so yeah!" *exit stage left*
by Vee September 28, 2004

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