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Also known as Hong Kong, according to an episode of the Simpsons.
"Where did you get this DVD from?"
"Secret Pirate Island."
"oooooh, Hong Kong."
by Vee Are Are Schee July 15, 2004
Literally, your leg's horse. To go about on your feet. An old expression no one ever uses.
"You look beat! How did you get here?"
"I came all this way on shank's mare!"
"No wonder you're tired!"
by Vee Are Are Schee May 22, 2004
An emoticon of one yelling. The > < represent the closed tight eyes, generally, the o being the mouth. >o< and >O<, with differing capitilization of the o, represents different volumes of yelling.

In addition to adding energy to a sentence, it can be used to represent sarcastic overenthusiasm.
coolj: You guys shut up for a minute and think >O<
bobbyk: I just got a new bike
ffingerlick: thats amazing i am horny because of that news >o<
by Vee Are Are Schee May 24, 2006
Burningly awesome.

Derived from the word conflagration, meaning giant fire. It is three steps above the word awesome.
"Did you see that clown beat up all those terrorists with only a balloon sword? That was conflagarious!"
by Vee Are Are Schee May 23, 2004
The End of the Internet.

The Twilight of the Superhighway of Information.

Host to literally over a thousand sites of looping catchphrases. More than two dozen created a day.

Eventually, they will reach critical mass and implode in a way that will make Black Holes jealous.

The end times are nigh; ours deserves damnation.
ytmnd.com -- Where the Internet will begin to fall
by Vee Are Are Schee May 03, 2004
The logical response to brb in a chat conversation, indicating that the speaker recognizes the person's notice of abscense. Derives from the word "okay" or "kay" and can be used in a large chat with many people to direct the acknowledgement towards whomever said "brb".
cooldud3: fish are fantastic
superguy: they sure are
cooldud3: im gonna go get some, brb
superguy: krk
by Vee Are Are Schee February 21, 2006
To further and in greater detail study a matter. A bastardization of the word investigate.

There is the possibility that using investimigate over investigate menas you won't be doing as good as a job.
"I'll investimigate the case of the beer-napping!" said JoJohn just before collapsing in a druken stupor.
by Vee Are Are Schee May 03, 2004

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