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To change sides in a debate, feud or political party. Usually used to refer to real-life events, as opposed to fictional. From the wrestling term "face/heel turn", where a wrestler suddenly becomes a good or bad guy
Ronald Reagan did a Specturn years before Arlen did when he went from Democrat to republican
by VBartilucci April 29, 2009
A bowel movement so large it results in a measurable reduction of your weight. The kind of movements people try to have just before weigh-in at a Weight-Watchers meeting.
Damn, I feel five pounds lighter, that was a real Weight-Watchers crap. Where's the scale?
by vbartilucci November 04, 2010
The act of carrying a half-full garbage bag around your home, emptying wastebaskets into it to get a full bag
Honey, if I take the Garbage Tour will you throw it away?
by VBartilucci January 24, 2010
To convert a movie originally filmed in standard 2-D format to 3-D after the fact in the hopes of garnering more miraculous profits. Becoming more common with the current popularity and success of 3-D films.
The new science fiction movie is being delayed for Three-Deeification. Did they learn nothing from colorization?
by Vbartilucci April 25, 2010
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