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A person who is 1. a Weezer afficianado from a latin american country, or 2. a member of a pro-Weezer paramilitary organization with revolutionary leanings.
"Viva los Weezeristas!" he yelled as threw his last molotav cocktail into the policia station.
by vasking November 26, 2009
People from other campsites who come by your campsite to mooch your campfood from you. The purloined food does not necessarily need to involve chocolate, graham crackers, or marshmallows
Camper 1: Dude, did those guys from 3 sites down really need anything, or were they just here to get free beers?

Camper 2: Nah, they were just being a buch of s'mores whores!
by vasking January 18, 2010
A medical professional who specializes in bitching about referrals for goute-related disease and other types of wounds
Watch out, man. The Wound Care-ist just got another referral for a "gout wound" and he is having a total meltdown.
by vasking November 26, 2009
A coffe filter full of damp coffee grounds after you have brewed a pot.
Dude, PLEASE toss the coffee placenta after you make a pot. It gets gross and grows mold if you leave it in there!
by vasking November 17, 2009
automobile, often a Japanese import, modified for speed, or at least to look fast.
Check out my hemi, it left that rice rocket in the dust!
by vasking September 16, 2008
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