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A term used by Vash, Ultra Cookies
E-kookies can kill someone.
by Vash July 24, 2003
Publisher of popular and graphic hentai games, particularly the Viper series. Full of rape, alien tentacles, and... she-males.
Why the FUCK does Akira have a penis in Sogna's Viper GTB?

Sogna knows how to please japanese otakus with this shit.
by Vash March 12, 2005
An acronym derived from the phrase: abnoxious fucking ass knowing almost zip.
Oh look. Here comes that Afakaz again.
by Vash May 05, 2003
Probably the sickest hentai anime ever. EVER. Incest, rape, and shit you wish you could unsee, unhear, unthink, or augment if you're one sick son of a bitch. A top reason for breaking off relations with Japan. Notorious for its provacative nature amongst otakus. But whatever floats your boat, I guess...
What the fuck? Was that enema porn?


Wow, Cool Devices is _way_ fucked up. Kinky, though.
by Vash March 12, 2005
schang!!1! a crazy word ^_^ it's funny too!
I schanged your mom.
Schang you.
Schang! I broke a nail.
by Vash February 19, 2005
A Zezima stalker in runescape.. uses king vash to locate him
vash tell me what world zezima is on now!
by vash January 03, 2005
Echolette is the queen of all lettes. she is a shining example of what it means to be a juggalette. Shes always there for a friend and if someone disses her or her fam they better watch there backs. She is also the Queen lette because of all the little bitches that cant stand that she is prettier than them so they post pics of her saying that they are her. (You know it really sucks to be a mod at a site and have 3 different girls trying to use pics of you as theres).
Echo you are the prettiest and most intelegent women ive ever met. Your insane aswell but thats what i love about you. MMFWCL
by Vash July 01, 2004
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