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A complete genius driver. Spends all day on the roads and driving is the main part of the job (builders and alike are not true WVM, a disgrace, a car driver in a van). Yes they undertake because car drivers do not keep left. Yes they brake hard as they are annoyed at cars tailgating (90% BMW drivers, 10% chavs with 12 exhausts on a £50 renault5) Yes they are angry as you would be if someone came into your office and told you how to push your pen. Couriers are the elite who have to put up with the brain dead car drivers who enter a motorway once a year and enter the middle lane immediately for no reason, have to put up with cars tailgating when it is clear the van is waiting to overtake the thick car driver in front who is overtaking nothing, who have to sit behind car drivers who think that if in a traffic jam leaving a 60ft gap infront will somehow make the traffic jam shorter and when they pass the accident causing the jam will spend half an hour rubber necking it. Yes we are angry and have to do unlawful driving but why?...... Because the useless car drivers irritate the f*** out of us!!!!!!!! When you drive 2000 miles a week, you can tell us how to drive, until then keep left on a motorway out of the way. PS nice t1ts love!!!
White Van Man Is the king of the road!!! Builders vans are filled with useless car drivers in a vehicle they cant control, couriers rule!!!!!!
by vanmanrulesok July 10, 2008

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