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--mom that's ugly as hell. opposite of a milf.
Kenny-"Man did you see Jen and Becky's moms?!"
John-"Yeah dude, Jen's mom was so hot, she was such a milf!"
Kenny-"I know man. Becky's mom on the other hand, ew, she was gross, definitely a mtuah."
by vanillahoho May 13, 2009
baby darkness. aka baby d. blacker than charcoal. blacker than the devil's soul. blacker than coffee. best friends with fwigga. mess with one of them you mess with both, and their crew. so watch out!
"Dood you see baby d with her skater friends?"
"Yup i seen baby darkness, fwigga, the entire crew."
"i wish i was one of them!"
"me too!"
by vanillahoho May 13, 2009

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