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(Noun) The hardened globules of fecal matter that cling to anal hair with the strength of epoxy resin after one has failed to wipe adequately following defecation.

Sometimes used as an expression of annoyance and/or frustration
I was about to give this gorgeous boi a good rimming, but put my tongue away when I saw butt peanuts

I forgot to turn off the kettle. Butt peanuts!
by vanderspoor August 03, 2011
The physical act of pushing a person's head into the toilet and pulling the chain (or pressing the button, for all you modern cistern types).

Suitable initiation/punishment for freshmen, especially new attendees of upper crust boarding schools (making the "Royal" especially apropos).
So, whatever happened to that young pimply Venables boy we saw around the traps?

I gave him the Royal flush during recess.

Very good, Hawthorne.
by vanderspoor August 26, 2011
When someone has lost their molars and other upper teeth due to poor dental hygiene and probable drug use, and only the front incisors remain - making their mouth resemble the beak of a squid.
That Peanut's already blown $2000 on that dating agency, without getting even one girl's phone number from them. Must be his poor general hygiene and his squid beak.
by vanderspoor July 02, 2011

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