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The 6 million (out of 300 million) Americans who

1) own and operate 65-75% of U.S. media. Not conspiracy, check the facts.

2) generally infiltrate every area or field where high levels of education are needed and/or high salaries are paid.

3) are the most fascinated by WASPs and secretly wish they could be them. New money and lack of humility doesn't cut it, though.

4) empathize and sympathize with racial minorities and support their causes/politics but wouldn't be caught dead living next to one. (Though they do hire them as domestic help)

5) often use their "victimhood" or "persecution" as manipulative mechanisms to get what they want — while most of them earn six-figure salaries and live in the wealthiest areas of the US.

6) would be highly offended by these highly accurate descriptions and would, of course, point at me and call me an anti-Semite.
"Nearly everything in America today — politics, media, health, academia, business, entertainment, finance, foreign relations — are cultivated by, owned by, or influenced by American Jews. Is this merely based on merit or is it ethnocentric and cultural manipulation? You decide."
by vanderblick January 19, 2010
One who is a member of the collective churches of Christian Protestantism. He/she rejects the man-made authority, power and abuses of the Roman Catholic Church and its "infallible" papacy. As Christians in the universal Church, no one is taught to hate Catholics (or anyone else). Many Protestants are taught that judgment is God's domain and may not be passed onto others. On the other hand, Catholicism teaches that non-Catholic Christians do not belong to "the One True Church--- the Holy Roman Catholic Church". Furthermore, they teach that salvation may be obtained but non-Catholics will not go to Heaven (or Purgatory) but a place known as "Limbo".

Protestantism does NOT include Pentecostals, Evangelicals, Mormons and Baptists or any other Christian group under the umbrella of Fundamentalism. These are the ones most associated with being judgmental, ultra-conservative and interpreting the Bible literally.

The mainline authentic Protestants belong to Lutheran, Episcopalian (Anglican), Methodist, Congregationalist (United Church, UCC), Presbyterian (Calvinist, Reformed), Moravian, Quaker (Friends) and Unitarian churches. Often in these distinctly and historically Protestant denominations, one will find educated, affluent and politically liberal to moderate members.

Gay people are welcome in the majority of these churches. Within Protestantism, there are same-sex blessings, holy unions and, in some cases, same-sex marriages offered to them. Many minorities are (or become) members of these churches after having been disenfranchised or disillusioned by Catholic, Baptist and Evangelical churches. Additionally, women may be ordained in the priesthood/ministry in many branches of Protestantism. One significant distinction between Catholics and Protestants is that Protestants may use birth control. Catholics may not, according to their Church. In addition, Protestants are not required to confess to clergy because Protestant Christianity teaches them to be guided by conscience and faith in order to make their own peace with God and receive forgiveness directly through prayer. These are just some of the allowances permitted in Protestantism that are either forbidden or discouraged in Roman Catholicism (as dictated by the Vatican/Holy See).

The media in North America, which is 65-75% Jewish-owned, often portray Protestants and/or Protestantism as an oppressive, stoic power structure in Western culture. Protestants, particularly in the USA and Canada, are often negatively referred to as WASPs, even if one has no Anglo-Saxon heritage whatsoever. The media tend to avoid or conveniently overlook accurate historical accounts of Protestants being branded heretics, burned at the stake, exiled, tortured, persecuted, plotted against and murdered by members of the Roman Catholic Church and its hierarchy.
"As Protestant Christians, let us give thanks to the Lord for Martin Luther, John Calvin, John Knox, John Wesley and the many countless heroes and heroines who stood up to a corrupt church power structure. Let us remember those who died or risked their lives in order to make the Church a more pure (not perfect) vessel of the Christian faith. Amen"
by vanderblick February 29, 2008
1) One who belongs to a backwards, archaic religious power structure headed by a group of sexually-repressed pædophiles.
2) A person who believes in fiction, accepts "infallible" authority, and confesses their natural human behaviours to a virgin-worshiping old perv, only to do it all over again the following week and be "forgiven".
3) One who is made to feel guilty for everything he or she has ever done, thought of, or will think of and do in future.
Catholics are highly successful in Second and Third World countries because anywhere there is ignorance, high crime rates, shorter life spans, unwanted pregnancies, lack of birth control, poverty, and anti-intellectualism, the Roman Catholic Church is there 100%! YAY!
by vanderblick December 29, 2008

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