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1 definition by vanbert

One of the most known soccer players. He plays as a right midfielder. Played at Manchester United where he won the Champions' League, then transferred at Real Madrid, Europe's most prestigious club. From 2007 he will start the season at LA Galaxy in the MLS, having a contract for 5 years worth $250 million. Apart from soccer, he likes fashion, and different hairstyles who draw attention to him. He is married to Victoria "Posh" Beckham, an ex-Spice Girl. Although some question his ability to play soccer, he is able to cross the ball to a team-mate with a pin-point accuracy. He is number one in the world at taking free kicks with Juninho Pernambucano closely following him. He was also the England captain until that new fag couch came from Middlesbrough.
– Did you see David Beckham playing for Real last nite?
– Yea he was amazing, he set up all 3 goals for Real!
by vanbert March 02, 2007
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