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A girl who has gotten a guy so whipped he doesn't go to the bathroom without permission and is completely in charge. She is worshipped by her boyfriend and he never questions her. If she says she's mad and he asks why, she won't tell him because he doesn't know.
Chad stood up before giving Amanda, his girlfriend, a wary look. She raised her eyebrows and he sat back down. He asked to go to the bathroom before standing again.
by vampchic7 May 25, 2010
A dumbass cheating liar who doesn't know how to keep a secret and tells his girlfriend's best friends that he fucked a chick he said he hated and decides that he is going to keep being stupid and try to be a player when all he actually is is a stupid asshat.
MIchael is a dumbass cheater.
by vampchic7 May 25, 2010

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