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A slang term for the mid-atlantic region of the USA consisting of the DC, MD, VA states/area. Principle cities of the region include Washington DC, Baltimore, Richmond, Norfolk/757 area of Virginia. Term is popular with some hip hop artists in the region. Some slang and parts of accent are used throughout the majority of the region despite general differences in speech.
Examples include the uses of the word carry (curry) meaning to disrespect, wellin' (whalin') meaning lying. Also pronunciations of the ur sound in certain words such as Murrland (Maryland), urea (area), murry (marry), necessury (necessary).
"I sound southern to people from NYC, and northern to people from ATL, I'm from the middle east (coast)".

"We are like the top of the south, and the bottom of the north. We are the middle east".
by vadcmd December 30, 2011

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