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The one of a kind girl you'll ever meet in your life! She's funny, nice, BEAUTIFUL, and caring. She can make you laugh and smile without doing anything. She is the one person that you would want to keep in your life because to me, she's worth it. She will make you feel that you are wanted in life, she listens to your problems and makes you feel better, she would share her food with you because she's a loving type of person. She's the type of person who likes Strawberry cheescake ice cream, likes watching the sunset by the beach, laying on the meadows by the mountains, and the one who likes to get long hugs from people who are special to her. Just one word of advice for whoever that meets this special girl, NEVER DITCH HER! YOU'LL REGRET IT! I know I did.
Have you met your Linda yet?
Yeah, she's my everything.
by uynnek September 06, 2011

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