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Cold hands, lots of teeth.
/u/kuato_lives: Man, I secretly hate that my partner gives me Polar Bear Head.
You: Well, what is "Polar Bear Head"?
/u/kuato_lives: Cold hands, lots of teeth.
by User01 February 19, 2014
A man's man is an alpha male. Generally, men look up to these men and want to be them. These men walk into a room and are noticed. A man's man must act appropriately to every given situation. A man's man generally has a high level of income, but there are the exceptions. There's a few types of man's men, the polite sophisticated type and the rugged less sophisticated type. A man's man does what he wants with or without the support of others.

However, the man's man is more a myth than fact. You really can't be a man's man without being a douche bag to others or without having money to throw at things. The sophisticated types of man's men generally have had every opportunity afforded to them by their parents or the equivalent from birth and generally live self diluted facades of a life. the rugged type of man's man generally mooches or takes what they want (possibly stealing) and generally live poor lives.

generally, the man's man is a mask that men put on to seem superior to others.
Man's Man: when an animal raises the hair on their back to make them selves look bigger.
by user01 September 10, 2009

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