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(n.) When you are puking and shitting simultaneously. Often this leads to a logistical quandry; "Do I sit on the trashcan?? Wait! NO!!! ::BLAAAGHHHH FTTTT::"
I had to call off work when I woke up to double trouble. Must have been from last night's combination of sangria and Wild Turkey.
by usefulnuisance June 12, 2012
(n.) Four people all administering oral sex to eachother all at the same time (picture a square).
I'm writing a troll fan-fiction novel called "138 position." It's about 2 couples that need to spice up their marriages and decide to do so by having an orgy. The climax of the story happens when they all 69 together.
by usefulnuisance June 12, 2012

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