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First of all....i think all of this is the most disgusting thigns I've ever read. I lived in Wilton for the past 7 years and recently my parents moved back to the midwest where I grew up when I was younger. Yes I lived in Fairfield county and will continue to visit my friends there, but all of you kids need to serisouly pull your heads out of your ridiculously snooty asses and realize that none of you are rich, none of you have money...your parents do, and that doesnt mean shit about you. You all seem to think that oo if my mommy and daddy drive a nice car and have a nice house, then I am so much better than everyone, but honestly who gives two shits...NO ONE CARES what kind of shit you have. THERE IS MORE TO LIFE THAN MONEY CARS CLOTHING AND YOUR FUCKING EXPENSIVE BEACH HOUSES

If anyone of you fucking pricks had substance to your dry, pathetic personalities, you'd all realize that theres a thing in life called being a decent person and living a little. I'm not talking about living a little as in touring Europe or Africa to boost your college resume so you can get into all the ivy league schools...its something more than that. So if any of you actually do have substance and do know what it is to be a truly decent person who doesnt judge people based on how much money their parents have, than you all will understand what I mean here...

I hope that when you get into college, like i am now, that you will see that theres awhole world out there than your little bubble in CT...its called the REAL world, when not every kid gets a brand new Infiniti or Jetta, or beamer, as their first car, and there are kids out there who don't have mommy and daddy paying for their $50,000 tuition and college spending money....some kids have to pay for their in state tuition...and funny because that does not make these people any less than any of you.

So instead of carrying on about yous richer...Wilton, Darien New Canaan, or Greenwhich or whoever! why dont you worry about things in life that actually have more meaning that a dollar sign. Try it. Really, You might actually find that "decent person" inside of you.
People in Fairfield County think that the only thing matters in life is how much money their mommy and daddy make...and they waste their time aruging with kids in other towns about it! hehhehe!
by usedtoliveinfc September 15, 2006
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