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A person who thinks she is the center of the celeb. world and who thinks she can sing just because she was on a stupid kiddy show.::
Just hearing her name makes me cringe.::
by urbanslushie July 25, 2004
Hey, if William Hung can get a record deal...then anyone can! this proves that um hello record companies are dumb as crap for giving this guy a record deal..but then again hilary duff got a record deal 2..hum.. ya know my next thing i'm gonna do is..i'm gonna try out fo american idol sing worth crap and maybe wohoo i can get a record deal and get rich! although i dought that he sold many alright! weird..srry dis is off topic but y did hilary duff sell 3 million copies?! crazy as crap i say...........
"i'll buy barneys greatest hits before i buy this guys!!"
by urbanslushie July 27, 2004
One of the only judges on American Idol whos honest and fair and tells the truth
::some idiot on american idol sang horribly::

randy/ i give u props dog!
( geez, thats very constuctive)

paula/ you look absolutely wonderful! (like what does that have to do w/ singing)

simon/ sorry to say but that was dreadful! totally off key!
(very honest and helpful!)
by urbanslushie July 25, 2004
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