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Inde music and movie producer who started with Sugar Hill Records then went onto produce/direct Lenny Kravitz, and others. He's known for being involved in socially-conscious causes and working for youth rights, environment, anti-racism, and other causes.
Jimmy Spice Curry has some hot new tracks on that album.
by urbansireditor December 21, 2010
Po po are the police, originally may have started in Jamaica. Used often in urban communities, especially those with strong Caribbean influences.
Hey the po po are coming up behind are car so you better slow the hell down.
by urbansireditor December 21, 2010
Something that is so beyond believable (in a good way) that it's megamazing.
Yo bro, that car was megamazing, and the girl inside was also.
by urbansireditor December 21, 2010

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