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Another name for Latin Americans living in the United States.
Why don't wetbacks barbecue? The beans keep falling through the grill.
by urbanlingo101 April 22, 2011
Like blue balls but from only getting hard ons looking at toss material of singer/actress Beyonce Knowles and not relieving yourself. Very painful.
Jay-Z got Beyonce balls from walking around with a hard on all day thinking about Beyonce and not relieving himself.
by urbanlingo101 July 07, 2010
Is a orthopedic disease tweaker arthritis caused when someone smokes meth amphetamine and holds their head in a tucked position to one side . This is usually followed by a popping of the neck to attempt to alleviate a cramped neck. Usually tweaker Olympics or chair Olympics ensue. Where the tweaker pops his knuckles and back compulsively. You could end up dislocating your hip or slipping a disk.
Todd is suffering from Tweaker Neck Syndrome. After hitting the pipe he started to pull a crack head twisting his head to produce a cracking sound. Then he preceded to twist his body from the waist to crack his back.
by urbanlingo101 July 02, 2010

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