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A french man (or person) who enforces the buffalo drinking game. One who calls another out for drinking an alcoholic drink with their dominant hand.

A wild french person. Particularly one who likes to party.
Look at Biffalo ride his bike from the roof into the pool.
#biff #frenchie #gangbang #buffalo #mika
by UpChuck December 08, 2012
Severely lacking booty. Without donk. No butt. A non-existent ass.
If it weren't for that invisidonk, we would have gone out on a second date.

Sometimes I wear padded underpants to make up for my invisidonk.
#little booty #big booty #donk #badonkadonk #junk #well endowed #unfortunate #invisadonk
by Upchuck June 28, 2013
Nasty right-wing conservativly correct phrase used to slur enviromentalists and the enviromental movement. Usually used by idiots or smug elitist Tory twats (below).
Rightwing shit-head: Damm those hippie commie flag burning eco-nazi's say I shouldn't be able to fly tip toxic waste in that river, what is this Nazi Germany???
by upchuck March 21, 2005
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