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Someone who claims to be of faith but whose actions don't reflect their supposed faith.
The faketians refused to give any money to my charity's fundraiser.
by untitled user October 12, 2005
A group of loud, wild, clueless young men who in the midst of a weekend party cause destruction.
The dorm's elevators don't work due to the chimpanic on the third floor.
by untitled user October 16, 2005
A horrible person forced on you in college. They completely avoid respecting your rights because you're not them.
"My roomthing threatened my life this morning after I caught her with some random guy."
by untitled user October 11, 2005
An exclamation used when something has gone wrong. Also used to express sympathy for such a situation.
Your girlfriend left you? Scuzzle, man.
by untitled user June 22, 2005
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