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If you can piss 6 feet straight up in the air without getting wet, you win.
Challenge pissing would be easier in space.
#piss #challange #competition #pissing #pee #urine #baltimore #fuck #you
by unstoppable idiot February 13, 2008
One of many words that have no meaning and made up while being high.
After debating over who invented the blimp with my friend, I realized that I invented something of my own: the word tryblumpant.
by unstoppable idiot April 20, 2005
The process of climbing to the top of the stall in a public washroom, positioning your ass, so that your shit drops from a few feet above the toilet to produce a loud splashing noise for everyone else in the public washroom/locker room to hear.
After I dropped the bomb in the washroom, the men's room attendant was unhappy because I missed and hit the toilet seat.
by unstoppable idiot April 20, 2005
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